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Dynamically fetch another post types field group

  • Hi,

    I have 2 post types, ‘Reports’ and ‘Questions’.

    Questions is a list of questions created within a repeater field.

    When I visit the ‘Reports’ post type, I have setup a Post Object field and narrowed it down to ‘Questions’ post type, so I am saying I have set these questions on this report.

    Is there a field that can then dynamically fetch the questions from the post object field and display them below? based on whichever questions were set? aswell as when the questions have been answered, store this value to that report.

    Hope this makes sense.


  • I think the clone field is for you.

    You can create field group then clone it elsewhere.

  • Hi Christian,

    Thanks for this, I tried the clone field but it wasent doing what I wanted to achieve.

    This would only replicate the fields. Not the questions I have set within the post type.

    So I set question A, B and C within a report.

    Then when I visit the report, I want to display Question A, B and C which should be prefilled on the report.

    I have achived this on the frontend already using ‘get_fields( $report_id )’;

    Just trying to suss out how to save the values of the input from the user end incase reordering within the Repeater occurs.

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