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Dynamically deactivate fields after Object load

  • Hello,
    I’m pretty new to PHP and WordPress, but ended up building a template generator with the help of ACF it works with 2 custom post fields, template and Client. The Client picks via “post object” the Template and has a predefined set of options. It would be easy if there would be only 1 template for each category, but there are multiple. So i need an option to prevent options to get passed. At the moment i added to each option Field a textfield that passes ‘deactivated’ when the option is disabled. it works via update_field

    set_option_1 activate / deactivate

    option 1
    get_option_1 activate / deactivate

    In the last days I switched from manually setting the fields in the backend to generate them via acf_add_local_field_group. So my question is now, is it possible to hook an action to the selection of the Template field, get rid of the “deactivate fields” and directly deactivate the clients field?

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