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Dynamically altering available ACF fields on a user

  • The end result I want to achieve is for an administrator to be able to set ACF fields on a subscriber’s profile that modify the ACF fields that subscriber has available to them.

    My intention was to create an ACF field group that would be available on the add/edit user pages of subscribers, but that would only be available to admins. Here I would add the fields that would be used to control that subscriber’s own fields. This bit was simple.

    The next step was to be to create a loop that would iterate through all subscribers, read the values set by the admin and use those to output a field group in PHP tailored to that individual subscriber.

    Where I’ve come unstuck is that there doesn’t seem to be a location rule to pin down an individual subscriber.

    Would it be reasonably easy to write an extension to that end, or is there a more straight forward way to achieve the results I’m after?

    (I’m using ACF PRO)

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