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Add pre-written content into a post text field

  • Not sure where best to raise this thread so apologies if it’s not meant for general. Please advise if it needs to go elsewhere.

    I am building a site that consists of 100+ character profiles, each one is a separate post. The structure for each one is the same, pretty straightforward text fields.

    At the bottom of each post will be a text block that contains a description of an attribute the character has. Many of the characters have the same attribute. So characters 1,3,5,20,99 may have attribute text A, characters 2,36,44,61 may have attribute text B. There’s roughly 30 attributes across all the profiles.

    I want a way of getting to the bottom of the character’s post after populating it with content specific to them, and simply checking a box that will call the attribute description specific to them into a text field. So they’ll be a list of attributes, and I can just check the right one and it will call the text into the text field specific to them. Or something to that effect.

    It would speed up the admin side of the work and also mean I could update the attributes without having to go back into each post to do it.

    I’m assuming this is pretty basic stuff but so’s my skills in this arena, thanks in advance.


  • HI @jamesmcdougalluk

    Apologies for the late response.

    I am not certain if I clearly understand your problem. Were you trying to preload the field with existing attributes? or were you trying to set a default value for the field.

    You could try using selection box with a list of all the attributes manually added or by using a taxonomy.

    I hope this helps.

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