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Dynamic URL

  • I’m making a list like this with Elementor Pro and ACF:
    Topic 1 (Static): Dynamic topic 1
    Topic 2 (Static): Dynamic topic 2
    Topic 3 (Static): Dynamic topic 3
    Topic 4 (Static): Dynamic topic 4
    It works great! I choose my ACF field, then add the static part in the advanced tab.
    The problem comes when I need it to create a URL:
    Topic 5 URL (Static): Dynamic topic 5 clickable URL.
    I can’t just enter a URL somewhere. It only asks for ACF URL fields if I choose the Youtube widget or something like that. Any ideas?

  • Your question should probably be directed at Elementor Pro about how to create dynamic values.

  • Ya, it probably should be. Thanks John Huebner

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