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Dynamic population in Backend

  • This may be a ‘way out there’ idea, but is there a way to dynamically populate a field based on a user’s info?

    So lets say a user/author creates a new custom post type. In the post editor, there is a field called ‘address’. Can this one field pull from the user’s info page (assuming it has a field called ‘address’) to populate it automatically?

    Or is this totally not a viable function right now?

  • Hi @aaronrobb

    Yes, this is completely possible. The question is, are you sure that you want to store this kind of information on each post. By doing so, if the user was to update their address, you would have incorrect data all over the place.

    It may be smarter to use a user_field to relate the user to the post, then in the template load the address data from the related user.

    Is this a possibility?

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