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Dynamic contact button

  • Hi everyone,

    My question is maybe too complicated but I would appreciate every advice !

    So, actually I am creating a marketplace website with WooCommerce and WC Vendors. I would like to have contact buttons (e-mail, sms, whatsupp…) on the product page, this would allow the Customers to contact the Vendors directly.
    I have product pages and users profiles. Phone numbers and e-mails are in the users profiles. The contact button would contain the information of the Vendor (phone number, for example) related to the product (since the button is on the product page). Is there any way to make the contact button dynamic and how ?

    Also, my theme is Divi which also allows to use modules with dynamic content.

    Thank you !

  • I cannot give you specific information because I am not familiar with the tools you’re using, but it should be possible.

    On the product page you need to get the vendor information and then get the field information from the user profile.

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