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Duplicating Flexible Content Fields or field groups between pages.

  • There doesn’t appear to be a way to duplicate one or more Flexible Content Fields on a page or between pages. Right now, our work around is to build a page and duplicate the page. Issue is that should there be a need to add/remove fields, each page would need to be done manually. Any solution to this? Discussion of solution? I see some folks have plugins on Github attempting to tackle issue, but wondering if there’s something in the works for the ACF itself.


  • There isn’t any way to copy a group of fields from one page to another of any form built into ACF. While I’m not the developer and can’t say what he has planned, I honestly don’t see this happening in ACF core.

    Here’s the problem that I see, what you want to do is “selectively” copy some fields from one post to another. A selective copy process is something that really needs to be custom built on a case by case bases.

    What if, for example, your flexible content field is nested inside of another flex field.

    Here’s another on, let’s say that the post where you want to copy your layout to already has several layouts created, let’s say there is 2 or them and in the post you’re editing the layout you want to copy is the 1st one. You’d need to look at the other post and not only copy the layout but also alter it so that it is added to the existing layouts and does not simply overwrite the first one.

    The problem is that there are infinite possibilities for fields with ACF and any type of a selective copy process would somehow need to take into account any possible combination. I’ve only given 2 places where this would be difficult, but I could easily name many more.

    The best, easiest solution is the one that you’re already using. Duplicate the post and then make any needed changes.

  • I agree this would be a really great addition, I find myself wanting to duplicate layouts especially in a complex system using many clone fields, repeaters, and even nested flexible content fields.

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