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Duplicating a field group

  • Hi all.
    Having worked with mySQL and written my own CMS, it was great to find ACF Field groups as it really made building with WordPress a lot easier. I could mimic the database table construction while being able to use the ACF up-datable content. Great!!!
    My situation is that I need to create three maps for people to be able to use pointers on it. At first people may go “Use Google Maps” however the maps are altered/reconstructed thus not really suitable for a google mashup.
    I created the field group to have a map name, graphic and info. I then used a repeater to store map location data so the client can upload info them self.
    Here is the issue. I need to create three maps and ideally, I would have loved to make the whole field group a repeater so that the user could choose to add a map and then enter map point co-ordinates. As from what I see, ACF does not allow you to have repeater fields two levels deep so I need to duplicate the field group twice more and possibly just stick with three maps. (That is fine as that is all the client wanted at this current time). ACF makes it easy to duplicate fields in a field group (thank you for that feature) but as I cannot have repeaters in repeaters, is there an easier way that exporting the field group, editing the internal XML and then re-importing it?

    Sorry for the data overload but wanted to make sure I explain myself with adequate information.

    Thanks in advance for any solutions of even feel free to throw an idea. Open collaboration. Gotta love it.


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