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Duplicated Field Groups?

  • Has anyone else run into the issue of duplicated field groups?

    This code snippit was working without issue up until a recent update. The expected result was a set number of tab groups but now all of them are duplicated.

    $args_edit = array(
        'post_id' => $_GET['pid'],
        'field_groups' => array('group_acf_listing-settings', 'group_acf_listing-images'),
        'submit_value' => __('Update', 'atlas'), // value for submit field
  • What do you mean by duplicated? Please provide more information.

  • For example, there are 5 fields set up in the back end “Edit Field Group” but when rendered via acf_form there are now 10.

  • You have two groups added when showing the form

    'field_groups' => array('group_acf_listing-settings', 'group_acf_listing-images'),

    Are the other 5 fields from the second group?

  • No that’s a different set and also has the issue of duplication. We’re getting two of each field created within ACF.

  • The only way I know of for that to happen is that you have 2 field groups with the same group key, which should not be possible.

    Did you create those group keys yourself somehow, they are not group keys that ACF would generate.

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