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Duplicate Group Fields on Edit Post/Page

  • After the upgrade to ACF 5 Pro, I now have duplicate Group Field blocks on each edit page/post page on the admin console. I have included a screenshot for reference.

    On the ACF Admin page, I only have 1 of each field group listed (as expected).

    Only the bottom of the 2 boxes is savable – when I add a new row to the top box and update the post/page, nothing is saved. However, when I add a new row to the bottom box, the content is saved and both boxes are updated with the new content.

    Any ideas?

  • I lied. When I go to edit a Field Group, all my values are duplicated there as well. I will read around and see if anyone else found a solution.

  • Hi @thedriveconference

    Is there any chance you ran the DB upgrade twice?
    ie. upgrade to 5, rollback to 4, upgrade to 5 again?

    This would explain why the field’s have been duplicated and I have added a fix for this in the recent 4.3.9 update which will prevent this issue

  • I am having the same issue.

    I activated the Pro plugin, then deactivated the previous plugin with all the add-ons, then I updated my database. Now I have duplicate fields on all edit screens. I’m not using the JSON folder.

    Any luck on fixing?

  • Hi @robnero

    When editing your field groups, can you see duplicated field groups?
    When you edit a field group, can you see duplicate fields?

    Can you simply remove the duplicated field groups/fields?

  • I’m afraid I already backed out the upgrade and edits. I’m almost sure there were not duplicate field groups. The fields were replicated at least 4-6 times too. I remember seeing many duplicate images on screen, when there should have only been one, and not seeing many field groups. My first thought was to delete the field groups, but I don’t think there were duplicates, if my memory is right.

  • I am having the same issue, but after upgradingd to free 4.3.9. I was able to repeat the bug on two separate instances by simply upgrading. The duplicated fields were not savable.
    I did found the duplicated groups under Field Groups admin, and deleting the latter seemingly solved the issue.

  • For others having this issue: I was able to remove my duplicate fields by removing the duplicate json file from the /acf-json/ folder.

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