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Duplicate Flex Field

  • Is there a way to duplicate a flex field ? (Front-end in wp-admin).
    Any plugin available? I tried doing it with javascript but it´s gets pretty messy, and the wysiwyg, time picker, and the other javascript based fields needs to reload..

    function cloneMe(obj) {
            var layout = obj.closest('.layout'),
                cloner = layout.clone(true),
                values = layout.closest('.values'),
                column_num = Math.floor((Math.random() * 1000000) + 1);
            cloner.attr('data-id', column_num);
            cloner.find('[name^="acf[field_"]').each(function() {
                var field_name = $(this).attr('name');
                var index_location = field_name.indexOf(']')+2;
                var new_name = field_name.substr(0, index_location) + column_num + field_name.substr(index_location+1)
                $(this).attr('name', new_name);
  • None that I’m aware of.

    If I was going to try to do something like this I would…

    1) get the entire inner HTML of the layout
    2) generate a new uniqid for a new layout and then somehow insert the entire layout into the page
    3) get all of the fields that might be in the layout by looking for “data-key” and “data-type” values
    4) trigger some kind of event on each new field to make ACF refresh it

    Like you said, it’s pretty messy and would take a lot of work just figuring out what events to trigger. I think that if someone were to create something like this there’d be a lot of people willing to pay for it.

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