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Duplicate fields after updating

  • I’m having an issue with duplicate fields showing after upgrading form ACF 4 to 5.12. As seen here: – Basically there are all dupes in ACF and then dupes in posts that have custom fields. They don’t appear to be actual duplicate fields, just displaying as such since the field seems to be unique, but I may be wrong. Any advice on how to fix?

  • @qwik3r I cannot believe your post hasn’t even been read, let alone addressed.

    We have had the same issue when upgrading from 4 to 5 Pro, i.e. loads of duplicated fields although not all fields were duplicated. Some were, some weren’t.

    We spent a whole day on this yesterday and had to give up as the process is clearly flawed and cannot be trusted.

    So for now we will stick with 4 🙁

    We’re really disappointed as the time we wasted yesterday is lost and can never be brought back into our lives. Our time wasted on updating far outweighs the value of the add-ons we purchased.

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