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Duplicate field groups

  • I think a great addition would be the ability to duplicate an entire field group.

    Obviously this would required a bit of tinkering on our end AFTER the duplication (changing the unique “Field Name”, etc) but it would take a lot of work out of having multiple field groups on a page, but those field groups contain very similar, if not identical custom fields.

    An example would be a homepage with multiple tabs, but all the tabs are structured the same, but have different content. You could create a field group for the first tab, and just duplicate the field group and change the field names.

  • Hi @mikelegacy

    Duplicate field group is a new feature available in ACF5 – soon to be released.


  • Thanks, Elliot! Looking forward to ACF5. Any notion as to when it will be rolling out?


  • Is this a functionality that is still being worked on? This would be extremely useful for the site I’m currently building. If anyone has any work-arounds or suggestions in the meantime, I’d be grateful for them.

  • This would be ideal for a project I am starting on real soon!
    I’ve been looking everywhere for a feature like this, yet none found.

    When will ACF5 be released?

  • ACF5 is available now. It’s available via ACFPro. ACFPro is the v5 implementation of this plugin.

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