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Duplicate Field Group

  • Hello.

    Is it possible with PRO version to simply duplicate any Field Group (and then change names to avoid duplicates?

    I need to clone some “HOMES” custom types into “HOMES LA”, “HOMES LONDON”, “HOMES MADRID” etc etc instead of redoing every one of them – it’s quite tedious.

    Or is any other solution for this? Using taxonomies…?


  • If you are creating new custom post types then you can just add the same field group to the new post types. Fields can have the same names when used on different post types.

    If I understand what you doing though, I’d probably set up a custom taxonomy of location for the custom post type, then you can create separate lists for each location and only need to add one more template file to your theme “taxonomy-location.php”

  • Thanks so much John, not sure I explained it the right way.

    I have 1 Field Group called “HOMES” and need to *divide* it into multiple cities, using same structure of title, text, images, etc etc.

    Old scheme:

    News scheme:
    etc etc

    I was trying to clone the old HOMES Field Group into 10 new ones, and just change/edit the names inside each new Field Group.

    Not sure if this makes sense, or there is a proper approach.

    Maybe keeping the old Field Group HOMES and then create something to tag/divide each new city? Just like posts and categories?

  • I don’t think there is an easy way to do this. If you are using ACF4 this plugin will let you easily duplicate field groups but you’ll need to edit each group to make the field names unique

  • Sorry, back to your OP, yes, the Pro version includes a built in field group duplication. You’ll still need to edit all the field names to be unique.

  • Thanks so much John.

    Glad the PRO version includes this solution.


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