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Duplicate Content when using acf/render_field

  • Howdy,

    I wanted to add a button below a text field. The text field has the key:


    So I added this code to hook up the function:


    The callback prints out the button:

    if ( $link !== '' && ! empty( $link ) ) : ?>
        <a class="button button-primary button-large centered-btn" href="<?php echo $link; ?>">
            Edit <?php echo ucwords( $participant_type ); ?>

    All good, but the callback is printing the button twice:

    Two Buttons in Love

    Any idea why this is being called twice?

  • It’s not happening when I test it, but then I’m not using a function call to do the addition.

    The only thing I can think of from looking at your code is that this is adding the action twice for some reason

  • Thanks John.

    af_registration is class from WPMUDEV which I have been using for years and it works fine. All my actions/filters are using that, so I would see 2 of everything, so who knows.

    I was very naughty and stuck the button inside a div and hid the second one with a CSS rule 🙈

    .btn-container {
        &:last-child {
            display: none;
  • Is it possible that the code where you’re adding the action could be running twice somehow?

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