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  • Hi there,
    I hope this is a simple question!
    I have a field group(“SelectTaxonomyGroup”) with a single taxonomy field(Title: “SelectTaxonomy” Slug: “selecttaxonomy”) in it which generates a shortcode of: [acf_form group_id="5043" create_new_post="true" post_type="example-type"]
    I entered this on the test editor on a new page and it generates a dropdown of download categories on the front end (which is what I want) and an option to add new categores (which I don’t) and when I click the Submit button I get “Sorry, you are not allowed to preview drafts.”

    What I want is NOT to create a new category but to pass the category chosen from the list into a php code array that displays product details:

    $args = array(
                'post_type' => 'download', 
                'category_name'  =>  $... <--Here

    I hope this makes sense

  • So if a category is selected (in the form) then product details need to be shown, also inside the form ?

  • Hi there Beee,
    I don’t know – I thought the form was just the drop down box (does it show I’m still learning?).
    Both parts of the script are in a single template (php) file, both parts work pefectly on thier own (the drop down & the products) they just refuse to talk to each other.

    Again, I hope this makes sense.

  • Sorry, it’s not making sense to me….

  • Apologies, I don’t make sense to myself either!
    What I have (on the backend) is a ACF Taxonomy field call “selecttaxonomy” which is a dropdown of EDD categories and I can pass this into a php that lists what products are under that category but this means changing the backend every time as you can’t get the taxonomy field to be a choosable field (dropdown, checkbox, anything) on the front end.

    I then created a seperate dropdown and have tried to pass the choice into the original php code but can’t.
    As for the <form> command, I got the code from the Codex & haven’t got a clue what it does!

    I hope thia makes more sense this time.

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