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  • Dear all,

    i am just having an issue with ACF PRO 5.0.8 where my site is in rea-only mode: no custom fields can be changed and no new ones are saved.

    While I wait for support to answer my ticket, I was wondering if there is access to older pro versions, just to see if my site can keep on going while the issue is fixed (we are now totally stopped until fixed).

    I will appreciate if anyone knows a way to get 5.0.7 or older just to try them.


  • Hi @hparra

    If you login to your ACF store account, you will notice an arrow icon next to the download button for your ACF PRO license. Clicking on this will take you to a page with all previous releases!


  • Hi, i don’t have store account, but still i need older version, because after update filed type qtransale_text has been removed, and all my fields have error now ;/
    Please give me a link to older viersion with this field type.

  • If you don’t have a login then the person that purchased your copy of ACF will need to provide it. It that was you then you need to submit a support ticket and talk to them about it or try retrieving your password with the email address for the account.

    On the other hand the “qtranslate_text” field is not a field that was ever built into ACF, nor can I locate a plugin for this type of field. You should probably talk to the person that added this field type. Hopefully it was added as a plugin and not by modifying ACF.

  • It looks like the problem is in the ACF qTranslate plugin. Thank you for your answer John.

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