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Download link doesn't work

  • Hi,

    I use “file” ACF field to add file to download.
    These files can be downloaded by user frontend : to show “download” link, I use this code :

    $file = get_field('fichier_gpx');
    if( $file): ?>
        <a href="<get_field('fichier_gpx')>" style="color:#1e73be;" target="blank" download><i class="fa-solid fa-cloud-arrow-down"></i> Fichier GPX</a>
    <?php endif; ?>

    Since this morning, files cannot be downloaded no more (Nothing has been changed / no update).
    I can see this message :<get_field('fichier_gpx‘)>

    Did I miss somrthing ?

  • What are you using to do this?
    This looks wrong


    and should be

    <?php echo get_field('fichier_gpx'); ?>>
  • It works, thank you !

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