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Downgrade to 4.X from 5 PRO ?

  • Based on the upgrade notes, it seemed like it would be easy to downgrade back to 4.X, but when I try to do that (deactivate 5 PRO, add back Repeater add-on and ACF 4.X), all of my custom fields are gone completely. Sure I can re-enter them all manually, but was hoping there would be an easy way to downgrade without having to recreate everything?

    Anyone been able to do this yet?

    Edit: Just to clarify, this was a brand new site that I started with 5 PRO and am trying to downgrade to 4.3.8. Maybe that is the issue?

  • Hi @61pixels

    Yes, downgrading will not convert any of the ACF5 field data, but instead just use the previous ACF4 field data.

    Any reason for the downgrade?

  • Hey @Elliot thanks for the response. No worries, I assumed as much, just a slight inconvenience but I’ve already recreated in 4.3.8.

    The only reason I’m downgrading is I’m using the amazing beta collapser add-on plugin by Mark at MRW Web which allows for collapsing of single elements for repeaters and flexible fields. This current project is in dire need of this plugin and unfortunately Mark hasn’t updated it yet to work with 5 (although I’ve already started on it myself). So I downgraded to take advantage of it.

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