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Don't recive taxonomy title

  • Hi, i have form to add new taxonomy and i also need template with form for editing this taxonomy so have for editing taxonomy next form but problem is that i get all value for custom field but for title of taxonomy i didnt get.

    <?php acf_form(array(
        'post_id' => $_GET["post"],
        'post_title'	=> true,
        'field_groups' => array(
        'submit_value'		=> 'Shrani',
        'html_submit_button'	=> '<input type="submit" class="acf-button btn btn-primary" value="%s" />',
        'uploader' => 'wp',

    $_GET[“post”] i get from url parameter and the post title input is vissible but it is empty

  • To edit a term you need to supply the post ID in the form “term_{$term_id}”, is that what your code is doing?

    There is no title field for terms and “post_title” will not work on terms. You need to create your own field for the term name and then you need to create and acf/save_post action that updates the term name, and possibly the term slug.

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