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Don't create custom fields with null

  • Hi,

    I think it would be great if ACF didn’t add custom fields for null values. Even on posts with no ACF fields selected, custom fields are still created. This creates a lot of useless custom fields with “null” values.


  • This is particularly a problem when the existence of a custom field is used for determining “null.” For instance, consider a custom field “Name” with a value of “null.” Well, is there a name? Is the name null? This wouldn’t be an issue if the custom field wasn’t created.

  • Hi @Geoff

    Thanks for the feedback. Can you please explain what kind of field you are using and what you mean by saving a ‘null’ value?


  • Elliot,

    I’m using the select field with “allow null” set to yes. With the select box left on “- Select -” it still saves a value of “null” to the custom field. This leads to a bunch of custom fields like this:


    It appears this just isn’t with null values, as ACF creates blank custom fields also (see the “link” custom field above).

  • Hi @Geoff

    Thanks for the screenshot, I’ll look into it


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