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  • Hi,

    I am struggling with this plugin. I created field and set condition to show on about us page. i using shortcode [acf field="{$field_name}"] but it doesn’t show at all.

    I have one page website using Roots theme.

    Can you please help me why is that. thanks

  • I have the same problem

  • is the field you are trying to display on the same page you are trying to display it on? if not make sure to include the page id where the field is located. not familiar with the theme however alot of one pagers use multiple posts or pages to create the one page so this could be misleading.

    [acf field="field_name" post_id="123"]

  • Ive tried adding the post id, still wouldnt work.

  • The shortcode seems to work inside any ACF fields but not inside any of the WordPress fields

  • I just tested on 2 sites to confirm for you one ver 4 and one ver 5 of ACF both WP3.9.1, I get the same thing on both. you may want to move this topic to the bug section I’m not sure if that is a limitation of the shortcode field but its not clear in the documentation if so.

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