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Does not save data After Update a field

  • hello;

    I had ACF working fine for a time, then I did update some fields of a group, and suddenly those fields stopped saving/updating data.

    Thought it was because of other plugins, so i did deactivate all plugins, even reset data for WPML, but nothing changed.

    So far, every field I update or add, its value will not be saved at all. this is very frustrating, and I have been testing with every possibility I could think of.

    I have tried: Deactivating other plugins, and fall back to parent theme instead of child. Nothing worked.

    Tried to follow all instructions of best practices like following page:
    Any ideas?

    WP version 4.3.3
    ACF PRO (provided by a theme)

  • I have figured it out.

    the problem is that I did add “add_filter” that changes the “post_name” field in the “posts” table every time the slug needs to be updated, and “acf-fields” in my case requires to be untouched.

    hope this solves the problem for someone else.

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