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Doc bug or Google Maps API bug

  • The instructions at this page in the documentation:

    mention two methods of registering the Google maps API.

    However, they don’t mention WHERE to put this php code.

    To get the custom post type displaying properly I created a child theme, with a styles.css and functions.php.

    I put both pieces of code (at different times) in the functions.php file that I created in my child theme.

    After a page refresh, the Google API checker in Chrome reports no API Key.

    Where I’m getting the error is editing the custom post time, i.e. URL of the form:


    The web server I have is running on “Localhost” but I haven’t locked down the Maps API, so the site shouldn’t matter.

    So either:
    1) both method 1 and 2 are bugged
    2) OR I didn’t put the code in the proper place.

    Regarding 2), the documentation should indicate a preferred location of the code to go in functions.php, meaning which functions.php

    So either way the docs need a slight change to indicate the preferred location of the two methods (neither method works). It might be nice if the pro/con of each method was mentioned too.

    I know the functions are running, as I put them in both .\wp-includes\functions.php as well as .\wp-content\themes\Divi-child\functions.php and promptly got a duplicate function error.

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare my_acf_google_map_api() (previously declared in D:\Webroot\wordpress\wp-includes\functions.php:7407) in D:\Webroot\wordpress\wp-content\themes\Divi-child\functions.php on line 23

    Please note this isn’t the problem, it’s just evidence that both method 1 and method 2’s code IS being called (when in only one functions.php).

    Please help!

  • I tried to solve the error but in mine case both are bugged , so how could I solve them.

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