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do_shortcode with the repeater

  • I’m trying to create a field which a shortcode can be placed into and is then displayed on the front end. I was using get_post_meta for the post but have since switched to using the options page with the repeater to allow for multiple segments.

    This is what worked with the previous set up
    `<?php echo ( do_shortcode( get_post_meta( $post->ID , ‘blue_offer_box_shortcode’ , true ) ) ); ?>

    As far as I can tell get_field or the_field (in this case, sub field) does not display a shortcode as intended.

    Any suggestions?

  • Did you get this resolved? I’m trying to do something similar.. like this and I am totally lost with the needed syntax.

    <div>[a4e_spoiler title=”$get_sub_field_spoiler_title” class=”a4e-custom-spoiler”]
    <?php the_sub_field(‘spoiler_content’); ?>

  • No. I have not heard back from support on this issue or another one from 10 weeks ago. Not a good sign.

  • I guess we don’t count. ;(
    I had another post weeks ago that never got a response too.

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