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Do FCF's allow this level of modularity?

  • I am building a website with 12-15 “Pages” that all are in a 3-column arrangement. The vast majority of content on these pages are in the right column. The types of content in the right column can be considered a set # of “modules” — and this is demonstrated in the linked image I’ve taken / annotated (crudely).

    I am wondering if Flexible Content Fields is a system that so flexible that I can create one each of these “modules” and allow them to be “dropped in place” in that right column, some several times per page, others just once — and in varying orders per page. The content dictates where a link module or a ordered list module needs to go.

    It seems this probably is not the case due to the need to tie the ACF’s to the template code with PHP, linking vars, looping through arrays, etc.

    In short, I am asking if a content-creator/editor can “create” the page by just laying down modules with ACF, FCF, Repeaters or do I, as developer, need to be right there and know the sequence of modules needed and code that in the template, to match the layout? I’m trying to understand if FCF is so flexible that this is not needed for each page’s arrangement of “modules.”

    Sample image, showing one potential page of the 12-15 that will make up the site:


  • I was having some similar issues with this but seem to have it working now using only the flexible layout field.

  • You are completly flexible with the sequence of every module with the flexible content field.

  • It works just fine, though “sharing the modules” is pain since all flexible layout “modules” (I call them blocks) are not easily thrown to different Custom Field group.

    Thus I have single Custom Field Group with one field, the Flexible Layout Field with all of my blocks.

    I use these theme files:


    if (have_rows('layout_blocks')) {
        while (have_rows('layout_blocks')) {
            echo get_template_part("block", get_row_layout());

    include the layout.php on each page I need to, and then I simply have for each module or a block an own PHP file like:


    <section class="header-left page-wrapper">
        <div class="container">
        	<h1><?php the_sub_field('title'); ?></h1>
        	<div class="content"><?php the_sub_field('content'); ?></div>
        	<div class="clear"></div>

    Fetch data etc on each block as you would normally in PHP files.

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