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DIVI_ Doesn't show all custom fields

  • Hello,

    I’m pretty new here, and I browsed a bit in the forum to see if someone had the same problem, but I didn’t find anybody.

    Context :
    I’m building a website for a soccer club with Divi (I didn’t want to dive too much into the code). There’s a page, called Shop, and the client will need to change the prices often.
    So I downloaded ACF, and it worked well. There are many fields (like 16) that needs to be changed, and so I created 16 custom fields.

    But when I go in the Divi text tab, and I click on the “use dynamic content” button, Divi shows me only 6 custom fields, not all of them.

    If you could help me, or redirect me to the proper forum, it would be really nice.

    Thanks !

  • Problem solved !

    The field names were the same for 2 elements, so Divi didn’t display them.

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