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Displaying Value of a Field

  • Hello all, newbie question.

    I have created 4 custom options for portfolio items, which includes uploading an image and then adding a custom title, subtitle, tagline and link. However, when they all return as “Array” instead of the actual value.

    I.E.: A portfolio items has the following settings:
    Title: Welcome
    Subtitle: The Best Place in the World
    Tagline: Click Me

    However, instead of displaying the correct values, it just all returns as “Array”.

    Can someone please help with this, I am getting tired of relying on creating extra divs and putting in this information in the image file (as “Caption”, “Title”, “Description”).

    Much thanks will be given!

  • Exactly how are these fields set up? Are these fields you are getting part of a group field? sub fields of a repeater? Something else?

  • They are part of a group.

  • A group field returns an array. You need to either show the elements of the array or use sub field function. The documentation is here

  • Oh, I misunderstood your question. It is is not as a group, but a text field.

  • There is no reason that a text field should be returning an array. Please provide some code and additional information on fields you are trying to show.

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