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Displaying text ontop of a banner image

  • Hi guys! I’m new to ACF, I’ve used it a couple times and have already implemented it once on this site I’m working on. I’m wondering if ACF can do something like what I’m hoping. I’m looking to have this set up 2 different ways though.

    The end goal is to have a banner image at the top with some text in it for my product pages. My theme doesn’t have this capability so I’d like to have it built in. I’m no programmer but I know where to put code, whether it be my functions.php file or a new template, although couldn’t create anything from scratch.

    I’m hoping to have a banner image at the top of either my page or specific category page (as I have more custom product landing pages created with Guenteburg) and then the lesser important ones just as standard category pages. I want this banner image to be any image that someone in wordpress (without coding knowledge can update when they want) and then fill in some text in a text box and apply that text ontop of the banner image. Of course I’d CSS style it so that it would look the way I want it to.

    Is there a way to do this in the classic editor, or guntenburg editor, with ACF?

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