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Displaying Submitted Fields

  • Hello! I’m sure this is easy, but I’m wondering where to start.

    I would like to display the submitted data without having to click on a button to make the modal pop up. When I submit a form, the data will display just fine, but only show the title and a button to open the modal that displays all the submitted form data.

    I would like to disable the modal pop-up and instead just display all the information in the list of submissions. There seems to be an option for this on the form, letting you change to modal or not, but I’m not seeing it for submission.

    I attached a screenshot for better clarification. Hope this is an easy thing to do!

    Appreciate the help in advance.

  • Sorry, file didn’t upload. Here’s the screenshot.

  • You’re going to have to supply more information. There isn’t anything in ACF that creates what you are showing, at least not that I know of.

  • Hmm I’m sorry, thought I explained it clearly so I’m not sure what more information I can add to that.

    So there’s nothing in ACF to display the submitted forms in detail without having to click on a modal pop-up button?

    I’m sure I can grab the submitted information for a specific form and loop through it displaying the fields wherever I want, right? I’m just having issues displaying submitted forms wherever I’d like to on a page with all the information shown without having to click on a button to pop up the information on a modal.

    I think I just need a way to grab all submission fields on a form and display them directly on a page. Kind of like how the list does already, but instead of just a title and a Review button, I’d like the title and all other fields displayed.

    Even if the solution is through php or javascript, I just need nudged in the right direction.

    Thank you!

  • Honestly, this picture explains exactly what I need to do.

    I just need these submitted forms to be visible to users without having to click on a button to bring up a modal to see the submitted fields.

    I’ll have to go a different route if this isn’t possible, so I appreciate the help!

  • ACF does not have a feature that allows you to see submitted ACF forms. This is either something that is custom built or supplied by some other plugin.

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