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Displaying metabox dynamically on choosing a taxonomy term

  • Hello,

    I’ve got a Custom Post Type (Videos) and a custom taxonomy that belongs to it with 2 types: Film and Video.

    Film and Video categories have got their own metabox. I did setup each to appear when a CPT = Videos and Taxonomy = Film (or Video). However, the appropriate metabox appears after a Videos post is save with one of the taxonomy values.

    Is there a way to display metabox dynamically straight after a taxonomy value was selected without the need to first save the post.

    I would hugely appreciate any tips.

    Many thanks,

  • Hi @dashaluna

    Yes, there are location rules for taxonomy.

    This will allow you to create a Video and select a taxonomy (not sure what your taxonomy name is), and ACF will fetch any field groups with matching location rules given the taxonomy selection.


  • Thank you Elliot,

    I realised that I used a custom way of creating a meta box for displaying available taxonomy terms – I was displaying it as bullet list (instead of native check list), so that only one option could be selected.

    This broke AJAX for displaying ACF meta box when a specific taxonomy term is selected.

    Is there a way to allow only one taxonomy term to be selected and display its ACF meta box dynamically?

    Thank you in advance,

  • Hi @dashaluna

    I’m not 100% I understand your reply, but ye, you can select a different option on the taxonomy field for it to render as a single select field type such as radio or select


  • hi, @elliot

    I’m was writing new forum thread, but when start selecting “tags”, found this post 🙂

    , means “displaying it as bullet list” – taxonomy field with radio button type..

    so, i have same problem..

    I have three ACF field groups.

    First – field group “general”:
    -some fields,
    -taxonomy field, field type – radio button, “Load & Save Terms to Post” checked.

    And two more – field groups “child1” and “child2”:
    -some fields,
    -and group options, “Show this field group if” : post taxonomy -> equal -> specified taxonomy element.

    According to my configuration, this must work thus:

    When editing/creating post, and selecting taxonomy field value by radio button, ACF, according on my group options for “child1” and “child2” field groups, it must show me the field group on, which approaches under the condition..

    But this does not work since must..
    It seems to me that the problem in Load & Save Terms to Post with radio button taxonomy field

    If i go to “general” field group options & change taxonomy field type from radio button to checkbox – it’s all will be work fine.

    so that it is possible with this to do?)

  • Hi @vburlak

    Thanks for the info.
    Yes, this is a bug which has been fixed and can be found on github.
    A new version including this fix will be released soon.


  • Hi, @elliot

    Thank’s for reply 🙂

    It’s all good news 🙂

    Best regards

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