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Displaying Images Issue

  • I have a odd and frustrating issue with displaying images with ACF. Basically only random fields are rendering to screen…

    I have two field groups created one called footer_logo_img and the other is header_logo both of which are set to return the URL and are being included with <?php the_field('header_logo'); ?>

    Location rules are set to -> options page is equal to header. I have changed the option page rule to other events but regardless to how I configure the fields only the <?php the_field('header_logo'); ?> displays properly while the other <?php the_field('footer_logo_img'); ?> never shows up…

    Any input on this would be great. I have only recently started using ACF and could be over looking something crucial.


  • Can you post a screengrab of the ACF field?

    Have you actually added a footer image?
    Have you tried the same header image in the footer – just to see if it’s an issue with the image itself?

  • Sure, heres a screen grab of all ACF fields and yes I have uploaded images for both and have tried the same image for both as well but nothing changes the result…


  • Any one else have any input?

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