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Displaying fields on different website

  • I am creating 4 different websites that are all associated to each other. They each have there own URL and admin area. All of the content on the sites is going be be different besides the Portfolio sections (which uses ACF).

    I am looking to have information from one ACF database display onto 4 different websites.

    How would I go about doing this?

  • if you created the websites using a WP multisite install you should be able to just use the <?php switch_to_blog($new_blog) ?> function and retrieve your fields. however your issue isn’t really an ACF issue I don’t think. Maybe look at using an RSS feed to create posts from one site to another.

  • I may have not explained it correctly. Here is the Portfolio page I am trying to pull on each site:

    Each portfolio item is pulled from a ACF on that page. Then, when you click on one of the items it brings you to a secondary page: that also uses ACF

    I want to display my ACF items from this page: onto another website.

  • Yup, that is exactly how I was thinking you had it. You want to pull fields from one websites database and display them on a completely different site and have them update dynamically when you add/modify your content. this is defiantly not a simple task nor an ACF issue. This is one of the reasons WP multisite installs exist. There are other ways this can be accomplished but the question doesn’t belong on the ACF forum.

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