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Displaying ACF inputs to non admin users

  • Hello,
    I’m not sure it is about front end issue. It can be both front + back end. I am using theme CouponXL for managing coupons and offers. It allows registered users to create their own coupons and offers with title, description, image, price – these standard fields are “included” on theme. Users have theirs own place to do that after log in – they cannot enter to standard WordPress admin panel. If user fills all the inputs, I as an administrator see this “offer” as draft in my WordPress admin panel and can accept it – then it goes online on my site.
    For specific offer categories I added some custom fields (using ACF) – some of them have conditions (for example in Automobile category, If user selects Opel, then he see models to choose dedicated to Opel). It works perfectly – I can also display these ACF fields on my page.

    BUT – how can I move this whole ACF functionality (including this specific conditions) to allow registered users see and fill in these additional ACF fields in such a way that I as an administrator gets this draft with these filled in fields? Is it possible to that such a thing?

    If not – maybe the easiest way to do it is to allow users to enter standard WordPress panel admin to see all ACF fields, but I cannot see such rights settings anywhere.

    I hope it is clear enough for you.


  • Hi @jakniktinny,

    Thanks for the post.

    I am not sure I have clearly understood the use case, have you tried changing the user roles that the field groups can be mapped to?

    If you had set the user role to admin, perhaps you could map the group to another user level such as subscriber or author.

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