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Displaying a repeater field issue

  • Hi, I’m using the repeater to for a gallery slider,
    I have two subfields on this repeater, one is for the image and the other is for the title of the image.
    So I displayed the images this way:

     if( have_rows('carousel_images') ):
            // loop through the rows use_cases_fields data
            while ( have_rows('carousel_images') ) : the_row();
                $image = get_sub_field('image_carousel1');
                if( !empty($image) ):
                    // vars
                    // thumbnail
                    $thumb = $image;
                     <li> <a href="#home"><img src="<?php echo $thumb ?>"/></a> </li>
                <?php endif; ?>

    How can I define that on click on one of the images the title of the specific image will also appear?


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