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Display/Hide tabs (and their child fields) by user role?

  • Im not sure if this is a feature request or something you can currently do but, what I am looking to do is hide all of the fields under a tab based on a users role.

    I know you can show/hide entire field groups by role but what about tabs or individual fields?

  • Hi @charles9

    Unfortunately no there’s currently no option to show or hide specific fields or tabs depending on the users role.

    However I think you could do this yourself with a bit of custom Javascript..
    You’d have to do an AJAX call when a page loads to first fetch the role of the current user. Then in JS you can just hide the fields you don’t want them to see depending on the returned role.

  • Forgot to mention that it’s a good idea to only include your scripts when needed. Using this filter will help you with that!

  • Can we move this to feature requests? Or should I create a new post?

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