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Display user field value in template

  • I want to create a page with all the user profiles, but i only want to display the images they defined in the Advanced Custom Fields on their user profiles.

    I tried to do something like this:

    <?php if (is_page(9)){ ?>   
    <ul class="profilePictures">
        $blogusers = get_users('orderby=nicename&role=subscriber');
        foreach ($blogusers as $user) {
            echo '<li><div class="image_wrapper"><img class="profile1" src="
            [acf field="profilbild"]
            "/></div><img class="profile2 hoverShow" src="
            [acf field="funbild"]
            "/><div class="imageOverlay"><p>
            [acf field="nickname"]
    <?php } ?>

    But it fails at locationg the right user, i think. I’t simply doesn’t know from which user to get the value from.

    What would be a solution for this?

  • Hi @flowbob

    I think you are confused as to how to output a value in ACF. Can you please read the getting started docs and get_field / the_field.

    You can’t use a shortcode in PHP like you have.

    If you are using ACF 4.3.3 or higher, you can pass in the $user object to the get_field function to load the value like so:

    $image = get_field('profilbild', $user);


  • Thank you!

    This was the solution i’ve come up with now:

    $image1 = get_field('profilbild', $user);
    $image2 = get_field('funbild', $user);
    $name = get_field('nickname', $user);
    echo '<li><div class="image_wrapper"><img class="profile1" src="';
    echo $image1['url'];
    echo '"/></div><img class="profile2 hoverShow" src="';
    echo $image2['url'];
    echo '"/><div class="imageOverlay"><p>';
    echo "$name";
    echo '</p></div></li>';

    Maybe this helps anyone reading this later 😉

  • I’m trying to do something similar. The user is able to upload their photos from within their profile area of the admin (user-edit.php), and then I add your code (and others I found elsewhere) to author.php, but no pictures ever show up. I’ve substitued your field names with my own to no avail. Any help would be appreciated.

  • maybe give us some code you use?

    i got further problems with this project and ended up creating custom posts for every user, which made it much easier.

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