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Display Text Field in Two Columns

  • Hello! I’ve been researching how to break a single text/WYSIWYG field into two-columns on the front end. For example ( my project descriptions can be long, so I’d like to display it in two columns.

    I’ve used ACF to pre-populate a Beaver Themer template for this build. Any thoughts would be appreciated!

  • If you want to use a single wysiwyg field then my recommendation would be some type of shortcode plugin that allows creating columns.

  • Gotcha! Is there a different way you’d recommend?

  • It generally depends on what my client wants and how variable the content will be as well as what I have to start with, meaning what fields already exist and how the site is built.

    I generally use bootstrap to build a site and I almost always use flexible content fields. What this usually means is that the client can choose the number of column and I’ve already built it to be responsive.

    If all there is, is one wysywyg field, there are not many options for splitting the content that would not involve adding a lot of code manually other than using a shortcode plugin to make it easier.

  • That makes sense! This plugin helped, but I’ve decided to stick with one column for now Thanks for your help!

  • Not dev related and a little off topic, but I think that’s a good choice. I seriously detest sites that make me scroll back up the page to continue reading.

  • True!

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