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display repeater fields with nested

  • hello i created a repeter field with sub repeater field to insert the data in each users backend.
    repeater field “tarif”
    sub-field select “forfait”
    sub-field repeater “seances_et_bilans”
    sub-field date picker “date seances”
    sub-field select “seances”
    sub-field date picker “date bilan”
    sub-field select “bilan”

    question, how do i display this data from users in the “my account” woocommerce page

    best regards

  • im using this code but it dosent work it dosent show anything:

    <?php if( have_rows(‘tarifs’) ): ?>
    <div id=”tarifs”>
    <?php while( have_rows(‘tarifs’) ): the_row(); ?>
    <h3><?php the_sub_field(‘forfait’); ?></h3>

    <?php if( have_rows(‘seances_et_bilans’) ): ?>

      <?php while( have_rows(‘seances_et_bilans’) ): the_row(); ?>

    • <?php the_sub_field(‘date_seance’); ?>
      <?php the_sub_field(‘seance’); ?>
      <?php the_sub_field(‘date_bilan’); ?>
      <?php the_sub_field(‘bilan’); ?>
    • <?php endwhile; ?>

    <?php endif; ?>

    <?php endwhile; ?>
    <?php endif; ?>

  • Hi Guys,

    There is a tutorial on working with nested repeaters on the documentation. Here is the link:

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