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Display of Repeater field & other Custom Fields

  • Hi All,

    I created a CPT called ‘JOBS‘.

    And, created lot of Custom Fields using ACF. (Few of them are ‘Repeater’ fields)

    Now, I want to display the data entered using the Custom Fields, by creating a template file for JOBS.

    So, basically, I need to check if any Data entered into each Custom Field, and if so, need to display that data in each job posting.

    I want to use any display Plugin for that (do not want to write any PHP code myself).

    Kindly suggest me any Plugins that helps in creating a layout with easy display of Custom Field Data.

    (Drag & Drop plugins will be better. And I don’t mind even the PAID plugins.)

    I checked few Plugins like ELEMENTOR, CONTENT VIEWS etc, but they don’t support the ‘REPEATER’ field of ACF.

    Please help by suggesting best Plugins to display ACF data !

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