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Display Multiple Field in same Paragraph

  • Hello,

    Im looking for away to render ACF in a sentence. The problem is i dont know how to call multiple value in the same paragraph.

    For example:

    My phone is <the-field1> has <the-field2> which can grow up to <the-field3>

    Anyone can help?

  • What are you using to edit/show front end content?

  • because i’m new to ACF and block theme, I use Stackable and Greenshift dynamic block to render out Acf field. But the problem is they only can render out one field per column. It’s okay if i render it in table, but i want multiple fields to be in the same line of paragraph.

    Is it possible?

  • Here is the example of what im trying to achieve. Stackable and greenshift said they no able to do render acf value in the same line of pragraph block.

  • You are using another plugin. That plugin will either need to integrate with ACF or you could potentially use shortcode if the other plugin allows them. If the simple shortcode is not enough then you would need to build your own shortcode for complex fields.

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