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Display meta value of options differently

  • First of all, great plugin! I am not as experienced as most people here, so I hope my question is not too silly.

    I was wondering whether I could display the meta value (like of a radio-box or select option) in the output just as it is showed in for instance the add(..)form.

    In the field groups section you can set a custom field like ‘favorite_color’ with radio-box options like this:

    This will make ‘red’ display on the add(..)form but when selected and displayed using <?php echo $favorite_color ?> it gets ‘Red’.

    I am asking this because when I translate ‘Red’ to Dutch, I loose the date and have to manually select the options again. I figured that if I could translate just ‘red’, I would be able to keep the data.

    Am I correct? Or do I have to solve this problem by purchasing wpml. (my language websites are on multiple domains (,

    Hope you can help me out, thanks!

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