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Display label as hyperlinked image created via CSV feed

  • Hi all, happy to be part of the community!

    We’re currently struggling with the following scenario, and hope to have a valueable discussion here:

    We run on Divi, and we have products for our shop in WooCommerce. We use a feed (CSV) that contains all product information which we want to upload (via WP All Import) to get the products created in bulk.

    With ACF, we seek to accomplish the follwing:

    1) Each product contains 1-n labels which we want to display as an image, like a small icon which should be hyperlinked to the label description page. Which field type should we best use for this (label as image with link)? Is a group with True/False for each label (we have approx. 15 individual labels in total) for each product a good way – or rather a text or something else?

    2) Can we import this information via CSV feed as described above?
    If yes, how should we map the fields if the name in the CSV file is different than in the ACF group? We cannot change specific values in the feed file prior to upload.

    We’re currently stuck and probably running in circles in our thought process. Happy to get your point of views and inputs to see if we should go with ACF / ACF Pro or if a different way serves us more.

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