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display html integration with RoyalSlider

  • Hi.

    Sorry for the vague title, am trying to integrate ACF with RoyalSlider to achieve the following…hope this makes sense!!

    I’ve got a royal slider that displays 5 of the latest posts from a variety of categories, one of these categories is videos.

    When the post is from the videos category I want it to display a little icon to indicate this.

    Dmitry from RS has shown me how to add a custom moustache to pull in a custom field from ACF and I have this set up.

    Currently, the ACF is text just so I can check its pulling in the data and it is.

    I now need to work out how to get an image to display instead of just text, I was thinking that I could insert some html into the text box to display the image, then use css to style and position it…

    but now I’m wondering, is there a way I can create a checkbox or similar that I can tick that has the html as a value, so if I tick the box, it adds the html code?

    Do let me know if that makes sense or if you need further explanation.


  • I think I’ve solved my own problem…

    I simply set up a new ACF that only displays if it’s in the videos category, and then I put the html inside the default value.

    I have to go back and resave all my videos posts to include the new custom field, but it works, and it’s automated for future posts.

    Hope someone finds this useful.

    Amazing plugin. EVERY site I create, ACF is the first I add!!

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