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Display Fields Side by Side

  • Hi,

    How can I display fields side by side in the backend?

    Right now each field is taking a whole horizontal line which is not very intuitive for our editors.

    many thanks!

  • Hi @neodjandre

    To do that, you can set the width of the field by setting the Wrapper Attributes option. I’ve attached a screenshot for your reference.

    You can also set the extra class and then style it with CSS code. To add the CSS code, you can use the acf/input/admin_head.

    I hope this helps 🙂

  • Hi,

    I don’t see this option.. is this a PRO feature?

    many thanks

  • Hi @neodjandre

    I’m afraid, yes, it’s a PRO feature.

    If you want to do it with the free version, you can use the acf/input/admin_head and target the field class like this:

    function my_acf_admin_head() {
    	<style type="text/css">
                width: 50%;
    add_action('acf/input/admin_head', 'my_acf_admin_head');

    Where .field_key-field_1234567890abc based on the field key.

    To get the field keys, kindly open the field group editor page and click the “Screen Options” menu. In this menu, please enable the “Field Keys” option for ACF PRO version or set the “Show Field Key” option to “yes” for the free version. I’ve attached a screenshot for your reference.

    Hope this helps 🙂

  • I think I will buy the PRO version as it’s easier.

    How can I upgrade without corrupting my database or losing my existing fields?

    I heard some users had problems during upgrades.

    many thanks!

  • Hi @neodjandre

    Kindly follow this guide If you want to upgrade ACF free to ACF PRO:

    Also, please don’t forget to backup your site and database first.

    Thanks 🙂

  • ok, I have upgraded – for one moment my site went down but now everything seems to work fine. not sure why that happened.

  • Hi @neodjandre ,

    It’s possible that the site temporary unavailability is due to caching.

    I am glad the upgrade process went just fine.

    Feel free to reach out in case something else comes up. 🙂

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