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Display Custom Taxonomy List with Custom Fields

  • Hello. I created a custom post type called SFI Projects, and created a custom taxonomy for this post type called City, which sorts the projects by city. Within the taxonomy “City,” I have a few custom fields that I am trying to display whenever I am showing a list of the SFI Projects. Custom Field One: “map_point_top” Custom Field Two: “map_point_left” Custom Field One: “project_city_image” I am trying to pull each of these fields in whenever I list out the custom taxonomy “City” but haven’t been able to figure it out.

    Basically, the map-point-left and map-point-top custom fields are being used to position points on a map, and each point will show the image from custom field “project_city_image.” None of these custom fields are showing, but the list of taxonomies City is. Any chance you could help me get this figured out?

    Basically, I need a list of the custom taxonomy “city” for the custom post type “sfi_projects”.

    Within the list, I need to insert custom fields that I’ve added to the custom taxonomy “city”. I’ve added them as variables on lines 88-90 but when I try and actually pull them in, nothing happens.


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