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Display age from birth date

  • Hello,

    I try to set up the automatic display of a person’s age, same way as Wikipedia does.

    exemple : 17 mai 1990 (33 ans)

    here is my code:

    <?php echo get_field( 'person-birthday', $post->ID ); ?> //display the date
    <?php $date_string = get_field( 'person-birthday', $post->ID ); 
    $date = DateTime::createFromFormat( 'Ymd', $date_string ); 
    $birthday = new DateTime( $date ); 
    $interval = $birthday->diff( new DateTime ); 
    echo '(' .$interval->y.' ans)'; ?>


    My issue is that the age always display “0”. Is there something wrong in my code ?

  • Hello, I still need help on this one, thanks.

  • when you use get_field() it will return the date in the format you specified for “Return Format”, make sure this matches with the format you are trying to use when creating the DateTime object.

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