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Display ACF on elementor with dynamic tag

  • Hi

    I’ve created a custom post type “Job offers” and some custom fields “Job details” with ACF. I want to display the custom field values on each Job offer post. To do so, I used Elementor (Free) and dynamic tags.

    So far I am facing 2 issues :
    – 3 of my custom fields are taxonomies. When using dynamic tags on Elementor, the id of the taxonomy is displaying instead of the value of the taxonomy, even if the configuration of the custom field seems right. My question is : how do I display the value of the taxonomy (ex: type of contract) instead of its id (ex:186).
    – My 2nd issue is that I created some text boxes with ACF and when using dynamic tags on Elementor to display the content of this field for each post, the line breaks seem to disappear. Do you know how to avoid this to happen ?

    Help would be much appreciated :’)
    Thank you

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