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Dispatch Javascript event on acf/ajax/render_block_preview success

  • You beta with Gutenberg support is excellent! Suggestion, I would like to subscribe to an event when new block data is loaded with ajax action: acf/ajax/render_block_preview

    This would allow me to e.g. re-instantiate my module via Javascript (let’s say it’s a React or Vue component).


  • It’s been quite a while since this was originally posted but I would also love to see this type of event added. I have a few blocks that use their own custom JS events and it would be great to be able to initialize those for the user when previewing the block in the admin.

  • Actually, I spoke too soon. Looks like there is already a JS event in ACF Pro for handline this situation. The event is:


    It passes two arguments, the element as a jQuery object and details about the block (name, content, mode, etc…). I put together a quick example usage here:

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